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Pupil support and safeguarding

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 Advice on how to keep your pupils safe and promote a healthy learning environment. 

Social media advice for schools and parents

Social media is almost always used as a force for good, for example, for learning; sharing information; keeping in touch with loved ones; keeping informed with local, regional, national and international events; and keeping your finger on the pulse!

This said, we all recognise there are social media pitfalls, and some children will be vulnerable to being drawn into social media activity that is not appropriate for their age. They are particularly vulnerable over school breaks because their parents simply cannot watch over them all of the time.

This short and straightforward guide to social media safety is aimed at school leaders and parents alike, because both are looking to put arrangements in place to enable their children to get the best from their social media activity and, at the same time, protect their children from potential harm. 

First published 02 August 2018