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 Expert guidance on managing your school and staff to help you make informed and effective decisions. 


Dealing with abusive visitors

Dealing with difficult visitors is arguably the most challenging situation that any school leader has to face. Such situations may be rare, but it’s always best to be prepared. Our guide will help you to build your confidence, stay in control, deal with the abusive visitor and manage the situation after that.  

We also set out the full range of legal remedies available to you; these will help to protect you, your staff, pupils and the overall health and safety of visitors to the school.  

Knowing that the full arm of legislation is there to protect you will hopefully give you every confidence that right will prevail and you do have the full protection of legislation on your side.  

Areas our guidance looks at include the following: 

  • School policy for dealing with incidents
  • The ‘barring visitors’ process
  • What does a ban achieve?
  • A model policy on managing abusive visitors
  • Legal remedies for abuse against members of a school community
First published 23 August 2020