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NAHT Cymru is the definitive voice of school leaders in Wales. We keep the best interests of children at the heart of everything we do.

Along with our colleagues in England and Northern Ireland, we are here to defend and extend the rights of our members, as well as provide advice, protection and support specific to school leaders throughout Wales

NAHT Cymru yw llais diffyniadol arweinwyr ysgolion yng Nghymru. Mae buddiannau gorau plant yng nghraidd popeth a wnawn.

Ynghyd â'n cydweithwyr yn Lloegr a Gogledd Iwerddon, rydym yn bodoli i warchod ac ymestyn hawliau ein haelodau, yn ogystal â darparu cyngor, diogelwch a chymorth sy'n benodol i arweinwyr ysgolion ledled Cymru.

NAHT Cymru survey: Pupils and staff would benefit from more time before new curriculum rollout

Almost all school leaders (94%) who took part in a survey by their union, NAHT Cymru, say their pupils and staff would benefit from having more time to focus on the new curriculum, and 71% would support postponing its rollout by a year.

Many said that disruption caused by Covid-19 was the reason for them needing more time to prepare for the new curriculum, including all staff to be fully trained and prepared, and plans to be finalised.

In the survey at the end of last term, a majority (68%) of school leaders stated that the rollout of the new curriculum is a main concern for them heading into the new school year.

A further resounding majority of participants (again, 94%) said they would support school inspections being delayed by a year. Many stated that the schedule to bring inspections back in the spring of 2022 would be a distraction.

Laura Doel, NAHT Cymru director said: “While the Welsh Government has made some concessions on the rollout of the new curriculum with regards to the timetable, this is in secondary schools only, not in primaries. NAHT is calling for all schools to be supported, financially and in terms of a sensible timescale for implementing the new curriculum. It’s essential that schools have the resources they need, including training for staff and supply teachers to cover classes so that preparation for the new curriculum doesn’t negatively impact education.

“There’s a huge appetite for curriculum reform; it’s something NAHT Cymru has supported and worked on for many years. However, the impact of Covid has been significant for some schools and we want to ensure that school leaders are supported in the rollout, not put under additional pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines, to the potential detriment of staff and pupils.

“We all want the new curriculum to be successful, but a failed rollout because schools were not given the best opportunity to be prepared would not be good for anyone.”

“The Welsh Government announced at the end of the summer term that Estyn would not resume school inspections in September as planned, but instead would delay until the spring before piloting new inspection arrangements with volunteer schools.

“We welcome the move by Estyn and the Welsh Government to delay inspections in schools until next year. What we must ensure is that when the new arrangements are piloted, they are done so in a way that recognises the challenges schools face and we work with Estyn to make sure we have a system that is fit for purpose in Wales and that goes hand in hand with the vison for the new curriculum. If at that point changes still need to be made, we must not rush back to inspecting schools using methods that don’t work. Schools in Wales are among the most heavily regulated in the world; there is no need to stick to arbitrary deadlines if it will ultimately mean a failing process.”

The full results of the NAHT’s survey on the introduction of the new curriculum in Wales are:

  • Over two thirds (69%) of respondents stated they feel somewhat prepared to implement the new curriculum, only 2% feel very prepared, and 28% feel not very or not at all prepared.
  • A third (33%) of respondents feel their staff are not very or not at all prepared to implement the new curriculum.
  • Most members of the staff within schools have received training on the new curriculum (73% of respondents stated between 75% and 100% of their teaching staff had received training), however, only just over half (56%) of support staff had received this level of training.
  • Most respondents reported that the training staff had received was in-house (85%) or delivered by the regional consortia (65%); only a quarter (28%) had received training from their local authority.
  • Three-quarters of respondents (77%) feel the training on the new curriculum has been helpful.
  • 84% of respondents state their school has decided its own plan for implementing the new curriculum, but 11% have not.
  • For those that do not have a plan, they were most likely to explain that this is because of Covid-19: “No firm plan in place due to a lack of time with staff to focus on the curriculum. Focus has been on Covid and ensuring the school is as Covid safe as it can be”, “Lack of time to get together to discuss. Not wanting to release staff from class due to Covid”, “Working together is more difficult with current restrictions”.
  • Almost all respondents (94%) agree that their school would benefit from having more time to focus on developing the new curriculum.
  • Seven in ten (71%) would support postponing the roll out of the new curriculum for another year; only 13% would oppose this move.
  • A clear majority of 94% of respondents would support postponing school inspections for another year, rather than just until the spring/summer 2022, to enable the implementation of the new curriculum; no respondents oppose this, but 6% would neither support or oppose this move.

There was a total of 111 school leaders in Wales who participated in the survey.

First published 24 August 2021

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