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Practice committee

Chair:  Chris Hill, head teacher, Hounslow Town Primary School, Middlesex 

This committee, one of four that serves our national executive with decision-making, steers and oversees our interaction with government and other key stakeholders on education practice. The committee takes forward the blueprint of actions for the next year agreed by members at our annual conference. It also develops and adjusts our policy positions and campaigns on education practice as government’s policy proposals emerge and evolve.

It refers matters of business to the relevant sector council or committee for them to provide reports, recommendations or expertise before we make decisions. And it takes these to the national executive to ensure our decisions come from a robust, knowledge-based policy-making procedure. 

The practice committee’s areas of interest are as follows:

  • Assessment across all phases of education
  • Curriculum
  • Statutory PSHE, and sex and relationships education
  • Pupil well-being, including mental health and safeguarding.

Discover what the practice committee is considering in our summary from the last national executive meeting.  

For any other questions about the committee, get in touch with our policy team by emailing