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Relationships and sexuality education curriculum requirement (Wales) – guidance

Relationships and sexuality education (RSE) is part of the new curriculum in Wales, and schools in Wales must teach RSE from September 2022 on a phased basis. The aim of this new law is to make sure all children and young people have opportunities to develop their understanding of relationships and sexuality to help empower children and young people with the understanding and skills they need to make informed choices and to be happy, healthy and safe.

The Welsh government has published the RSE Code and Guidance, which is essential reading as education settings must follow this guidance in the delivery of relationships and sexuality education.

NAHT has provided some advice on this new development, giving an overview of the requirements for schools, how they might introduce RSE in a way that garners support from local communities and also what members should do if members of the community raise complaints or concerns in relation to this change in the law.

First published 31 August 2022