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School funding in crisis

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School funding is still in crisis in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. School budgets are being stretched up and down the UK, with a complex set of circumstances affecting each of the nations. For more information about the situation in Wales and Northern Ireland specifically, click on one of the links below, or read on for more information about how we are taking this campaign to those in power.

The reality of the school funding crisis has really started to hit. School funding is still at breaking point as the impact of real-terms cuts mean that we need at least an extra £2 billion each year if schools are to avoid having to cut staff or offer fewer subject choices for students. The Department for Education has reprioritised funding from the existing education budget to get an extra £1.3 billion into schools but it’s nowhere near enough. 

Parents, pupils and school staff recognise that the real terms school funding cuts are having a serious impact on the education of this generation of pupils. Investing in education should be seen an investment in the future and not as a burden on public spending. 

Read more about our Northern Ireland school funding campaign 

Read more about our Wales school funding campaign  

Join our campaign to secure more funding

We are asking school communities to work together to highlight the impact the lack of funding is having now and to call for increased investment. 

  • Take to Twitter and Facebook and tell the Chancellor why more money needs to be invested in education using the hashtag #TellTheChancellor and follow the campaign via @NAHTnews. 
  • Write to your MP using our template letter. 
  • Write a letter to parents using our template letter.   
  • Attend one of our regional events.