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Membership grades and rates

If you are part of the leadership team of a primary or secondary school or college, you can join.

Those eligible to join include:

Head Teacher, Executive Head, Director, Principal    £33.25 monthly / £399 annual 
Deputy Head Teacher, Vice Principal   £26.50 monthly / £318 annual
Assistant Head Teacher, Assistant Principal   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual
School Business Professional   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual
Children’s Centre Leader   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual
Life Membership 
(for retired members)  A one-off fee is payable in the first year: head teachers £399, deputy head teachers £318, assistant heads and school business managers £222. This can be paid as a single payment or in 12 monthly instalments. Thereafter £36 per annum is chargeable.

Professional Associate   £16.75 monthly / £201 annual

More about membership grades

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