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Advice and guidance from NAHT that supports and addresses issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Achieving Equal Pay in Your Workplace toolkit

The Equality Trust, with support from an expert steering group (of which NAHT was a member), has launched a toolkit to support equal pay in the workplace. 

The Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace toolkit was created to help employees, workers and union representatives to explore (and where required) address unequal pay in their workplaces by examining the policies and practices in a workplace that can lead to this inequality.

The toolkit covers what equal pay is, how it intersects with the gender pay gap and why issues can occur in the workplace. It offers suggestions for talking about pay, adapting policies and conducting equal (horizontal) pay audits.

Contents include:

  • talking about pay with your colleagues;
  • talking about pay to your employer;
  • the difference you can make through policy changes;
  • conducting an equal pay audit;
  • building a workplace culture that supports pay equality.

The toolkit focuses on pay equality between men and women because there is currently a legal framework that employers are compelled to abide by and through which they can be challenged if they fail to pay equally. However, the tools can also be applied more broadly where inequality concerns race, disability and/or sexuality.

Find out more and download the toolkit here.

First published 07 April 2022