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Well-being support

This year, NAHT is focusing on the well-being of school leaders and the teaching profession. NAHT President Tim Bowen has nominated Education Support, who have been supporting our members for a number of years, as his supported charity for the year. You can find out more about their work here.

And, if you missed it first time round, listen to Education Support’s chief executive speaking with our director of policy James Bowen in this episode of The School Leadership podcast from March 2021. Education Support will also be contributing blogs and resources throughout the year to support the campaign.

NAHT’s well-being campaign features CPD opportunities, blogs, advice and the shared experiences of members who discuss what they do to look after their own well-being while leading schools during these difficult times.

At the start of the campaign, NAHT president Tim Bowen said: ‘It’s no secret that school leaders do an incredibly stressful job, and no more so than over the course of the last 15 months, but while we often talk about these issues, we rarely focus on the things that can help. I want us to spend some time and effort this year sharing and promoting the courses, resources, advice and tips that can make a real difference to school leaders in their roles. We know we can’t change some of the realities of the job in front of us, but we can support each other to make it that bit easier.'  

Well-being services 

Access confidential counselling and support with Education Support


Browse the NAHT Hub which provides a handy list of articles to stay happy and healthy in your career 


Find out more about NAHT Wellness and Protect’s whole-school well-being, leadership support and staff absence protection package

Get financial support with NAHT Personal Financial Services 

Need professional support? Contact NAHT’s expert advisors for personal support