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School improvement through effective coaching

Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.

Course description

This course incorporates theoretical concepts and models of coaching together with a range of interactive activities and opportunities to practise the skills in a supportive environment.  It will enable you to reflect on the skills, qualities and behaviours of effective coaches, and the principles and values that underpin the process.  It will focus on how school improvement can be enhanced through developing both formal and informal approaches to coaching and the development of a problem-solving culture across the school.

Course facilitator

Dr Christine Greenland

Aim of this course

  • consider the value of coaching and mentoring as a means to supporting school improvement and pupil learning
  • clarify the skills and characteristics needed for effective coaching/mentoring
  • consider how organisational culture and leadership styles affect the implementation of coaching
  • explore strategies for implementation
  • reflect and analyse current strengths and areas for development
  • explore the key elements of the coaching process

Objectives of this course

  • be able to differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • recognise and explore where coaching and mentoring can support learning to build capacity within the whole school team
  • identify the values, ethics and behaviours that underpin effective coaching
  • consider the importance of contracting in the coaching process
  • practise the coaching process in supportive small groups
  • formulate a personal action plan to develop a coaching culture within your school

This course is suitable for

All school leaders who wish to build and develop their coaching skills.