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SBLs and strategic plans: ideas to £s

Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.

Course description

Developing strategic medium-term plans for your school is important to securing educational and financial excellence in the medium term.  This course will draw the distinction between educational and financial input into the strategic planning processes, so you can evaluate affordability and sustainability of your medium-term ambitions.

Consider the two sides to strategic planning: blue skies thinking and scenario planning on the one hand, and a detailed assessment of the costs of ambitious and stretching objectives on the other. This course takes forward the key educational priorities and moves it into the costings arena to ensure SDP objectives are resourced adequately, and it enables you to evaluate affordability and sustainability of your medium-term ambitions.

The course provides tools and techniques to calculate a forward projection of the budget based on strategic educational priorities and set key performance indicators to assist in the evaluation of value for money outcomes.  This will enable you to implement processes when you return to the workplace and secure an outstanding or good grading for financial management at the next inspection.

Pre-course preparation

Participants should come to the course aware of the strategic issues and/or objectives your school must take into account.  A breakdown of your current budget allocations would be useful.  Prior benchmarking information would also be useful, but it's not essential.


A laptop with Microsoft Excel to take advantage of templates provided.

Course facilitator

Larraine Cooper

Aim of this course

  • to provide you with practical techniques to ensure financial resources are directed to key strategic priorities
  • to develop your financial planning skills to secure medium-term educational objectives

Objectives of this course

  • to present a brief overview of strategic planning processes
  • to clarify the respective roles of school business leaders and educational leaders in those processes
  • to explore a range of techniques that can be used to cost up adequately resourced objectives
  • to identify key financial performance indicators for the strategic plan
  • to develop a process for turning costings into medium-term forward projection of the budget, using a pre-prepared template

This course is suitable for

School business leaders and educational leaders who are responsible for developing, resourcing, implementing, managing or controlling their schools' development plan objectives.