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New to finance? Hit the ground running!

Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.

Course description

This programme is specially designed to demystify finance and get you started in your financial role from an informed standpoint. It will explain funding and expenditure streams to you in a way that really makes practical sense and help you to make links between your day-to-day management decisions and finance.  It will take you through the roles and responsibilities of the governing body, education leaders, finance officers and help you to make links between the decisions those people take and educational outcomes. Basic safeguarding checks and balances will be explained and the procurement process demystified.

At the end of the day, we believe the fog should have lifted and you should be "good to go"!

Course facilitator

Larraine Cooper

Aim of this course

  • to inform delegates who are fairly new to financial management about the important financial procedures, checks and balances their school must comply with
  • to provide delegates with a fast track introduction to financial management in schools

Objectives of this course

  • explore the financial roles and responsibilities of governors, education leaders, school business leaders and budget holders
  • outline the differences between strategic and operational finance and the part school leaders play in each
  • discover what the financial story can say about leadership styles and pupil outcomes
  • consider key financial "safeguarding" procedures required in schools
  • be aware of key steps in procurement processes and procedures
  • explain key financial cycle milestones throughout the year

This course is suitable for

Governors, school leaders and support staff new to school financial management.