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Managing the risk of changing SEND income streams

Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.

Course description

The new funding arrangements for special schools and mainstream settings with SEND children are moving from a position of having mainly secure place-led funding to a situation where a large proportion of the funding being 'pupil attached'.  It will, therefore, move onto any new provision with that pupil should their needs change.  The financial security that place-led funding provided will reduce significantly and that will cause difficulties for some schools, particularly those who are relatively small or operating under the pupil admission number. 

This new course will provide techniques, templates and tips to enable you to identify any financial risk you face in the medium term, so you can take positive action to manage and mitigate those risks.

Pre-course preparation

Delegates will be required to bring details of their budgetary allocations for both income and expenditure streams to benefit fully from this course.


Delegates should bring one laptop per school, so you can explore and use the specially designed templates provided.

Course facilitator

Larraine Cooper

Aim of this course

  • to provide a framework for evaluating the medium-term impact of changing funding streams on your school
  • to provide templates to facilitate easy calculation of the risks that may emerge

Objectives of this course

  • to examine the implications of the new funding streams for special schools, and identify whether the likely financial risks can be managed or mitigated
  • to support you to make a comparison of income streams under previous funding and new funding arrangements
  • to prepare an operating budget for pupils receiving additional funding to evaluate whether 'top up' (io3) funding matches costs
  • to map place-led funding (io1) against their current 'education delivery model' to evaluate financial vulnerabilities as a consequence of changed funding streams
  • to use fixed and variable costs analysis to identify the minimum number of pupils needed to break even
  • to facilitate the development of a medium-term risk assessment with emphasis on techniques to manage and mitigate associated risks, for further consideration by your leadership team and governing body

This course is suitable for

This bespoke course is for leadership teams and governors from the special school sector, and those mainstream schools and academies with special units with responsibility for budget setting and/or managing financial risk.

Governors, head teachers, deputy head teachers, assistant head teachers, school business leaders from special schools and schools with special units will benefit from this course.