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Leading effective teams

Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.

Course description

Team leaders are increasingly being held to account to ensure that the work of their team is productive and effective and is making a positive impact on children's learning.  This interactive course explores the issues related to team development, team working and team effectiveness, and it considers the ways in which staff at different levels should be making a positive contribution to the whole team.  It explores leadership and management strategies used by successful team leaders for motivating staff and holding staff to account. Delegates will explore ways in which each member can make a positive contribution to the success of the team.

Course facilitator

Dr Christine Greenland

Aim of this course

  • consider the issues of team culture and its alignment with school culture to ensure consistency across the school
  • reflect on the importance of making expectations clear to team members to reduce potential conflict
  • reflect on the required managerial and leadership skills of team leaders to gain maximum benefit from each team member
  • identify the features of highly effective teams and strengths and areas for improvement within their team
  • consider the key roles team members play
  • explore the issues of motivation and its use in managing performance
  • explore processes for team review and evaluation, and the contributions that individual team members could make to secure continuous improvement

Objectives of this course

  • reflect on your team's culture and identify areas for further development
  • consider where and when to make your expectations clear to the team
  • consider the value of different types of leadership styles
  • explore different team roles and reflect on the effectiveness of your team
  • consider different methods of team review/evaluation and practise one of them

This course is suitable for

New and aspiring team leaders in all phases who wish to develop their team leadership skills further.