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Budget setting in difficult times

Course description

Times are going to get harder! That’s the cry we are hearing, and we are already starting to see this reflected in our decision-making. Schools will need to commence their budget setting activities early in the New Year, and it will be a challenge to set affordable and sustainable budgets in the medium term. This programme will present a process for setting budgets that is entirely focused on educational outcomes and maintaining a modern, fit for purpose education delivery model in the medium term. A must for every school concerned about how best to "make ends meet".

Pre-course preparation

It would be helpful if delegates could reflect on their schools' educational priorities and budgetary pressures before coming to this event.

Course facilitator

Larraine Cooper

Aims of this course

  • to equip delegates with a practical process they can use to set affordable and sustainable budgets

Objectives of this course

  •  use a process with accompanying strategies to set an affordable and sustainable budget for the coming year
  • organise their finances in practical building blocks to inform discussion, challenge and interpretation
  • prepare a plan for developing a base budget for their core education delivery model and other building blocks groups as a starting point for probing, challenging and discussing future budget allocations
  • use tools to manage decisions around cost/quality compromises and prioritisation
  • understand the need for a forward projection of the project for three to five years to secure affordability and sustainability in the medium term

This course is suitable for

Governors, education leaders and school business leaders who need a more strategic approach to their budget setting processes.