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Avoiding exclusions - practical strategies for all settings - Workshop 5

Workshop Synopsis

The number of exclusions is rising, but not all pupils are equally likely to be excluded. Differences in exclusions between girls and boys, pupils from different backgrounds and specific types of SEND will be discussed. Pupils with SEND are the canaries in the coalmine of the education system.  They are the most sensitive to environments which negatively impact the health and well-being of all pupils. They are also the most likely to respond through behaviour, illness or school refusal. Pupils with mental health issues are four times more likely to be excluded. Learn what practical strategies schools can use to avoid the need to exclude pupils, and what you can do to successfully reintegrate pupils if an exclusion has become necessary? Recent legal challenges suggest that some exclusions may be discriminatory and, therefore, illegal.

This workshop will focus on good practice for pupils with SEND and will provide the strategies and practical tools leaders need to reduce exclusions, improve outcomes and support well-being for all pupils.

Workshop Outcomes 
  • understand which pupils are at the highest risk of exclusion. The comparison of girls and boys, and the types of SEND and culture groups
  • learn practical strategies to support pupils in school
  • understand the impact of exclusions on pupils and families
  • the different ways of looking at populations at the risk of exclusion
  • clarification of what you need to know before you exclude a pupil
  • learn who decides what - from the legal position
  • how to successfully reintegrate a pupil after an exclusion
Target Audience

Head teachers, deputy head teachers and SENCos in primary and secondary mainstream and special schools in all sectors

Workshop Leader Profile

Sarah-Jane Critchley, author and founder of A Different Joy organisation and website

Sarah-Jane developed whole school improvement and training that has reached over 180,000 education staff. She is the author of 'A Different Joy: the parent's guide to living better with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and more ...', and has presented in China, Italy, Greece and Scotland. Sarah-Jane holds an MBA and is the mother of two autistic teenagers.