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What Kipling said: creating resilient leaders (workshop eight)

Workshop leader
Julie Hurst.

Workshop details 

This workshop is a practical and evidence-based exploration of how we can increase our personal resilience. It covers what resilience is (and is not), as well as the science behind developing resilience and its various component parts. It contains a number of practical exercises delegates can try out and take away to use both in their lives and in their school communities. The workshop has its roots in positive psychology, which is the scientific study of human flourishing. While remaining true to the current research and knowledge base, the session is presented in a lively and humorous way to maximise both enjoyment and learning. 

Workshop outcomes 
  • Understanding resilience and its importance in a successful school community
  • Understanding and identifying the component parts of resilience
  • Experiencing and learning practical tools to increase their resilience
  • A knowledge of positive psychology and its role in creating successful schools
  • Further resources to explore following the event. 
Target audience 

It is suitable for all levels and roles within the school community. 

Leader's biography 

Julie Hurst is a positive psychologist specialising in education and workplace resilience. For 10 years, she ran a national research project into stress at work - the findings of which were mentioned in parliament and disseminated worldwide. She works the private, public and voluntary organisations on all aspects of resilience and well-being.