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Getting the most out of your due diligence (workshop seven)

Workshop leader
Sarah Bagshaw.

Workshop details

It is vital any multi-academy trust/academy asks the right questions to any school/academy that wishes to join their organisation. Understanding the potential benefits and liabilities (operationally and financially) allows the SBL and their trustees to make informed decisions as to the impact of a partnership.

Using consultants for the whole process can be costly, and they may not provide the detailed inside knowledge that would enable a smoother transition process for all parties. This workshop covers most areas of due diligence, including high potential cost areas (such as LGPS) and possible HR implications.

Workshop outcomes 

Delegates will gain a fuller understanding of the due diligence process, the areas that need to be investigated and possible pitfalls that need to be avoided. The knowledge gained will allow the SBL, with other professionals within their school/academy/MAT, to perform many of the functions within the due diligence internally, creating a strong knowledge of the potential academy/school joining the MAT and potential cost savings. 

Target audience

Multi-academy trusts, or academies and schools looking to join/create a MAT.

Leader's biography

Sarah Bagshaw is a chartered accountant with more than 25 years’ experience (including audit). Previous roles include financial controller for a £350m turnover manufacturing business leading mergers, acquisitions and change management. Currently the finance & HR director for a MAT, a teaching school and a childcare charity within the North West.