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Mental health and wellbeing in your school

This workshop will look into how schools can better support their staff’s mental health and wellbeing as well as better supporting their pupils. We will share some key insights from our own research on current perceptions around mental health in schools.

Workshop Outcomes

  • An insight into current feedback from other schools and teachers into Mental Health Awareness in their schools
  • Recognising the issues and solutions to staff and pupil wellbeing
  • Types of support available and its benefits

Target Audience

Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Principal, Vice Principals, School Business Leaders

Workshop Leader Profile

Sue Hugo comes from a long line of teachers, three generations of them. Throughout her teaching career, spanning 21 years, she worked in English secondary schools, taught English and Drama abroad, and was a drama examiner in the southeast region of England.  She joined Education Support Partnership in 2002 and now manages teams of Associates who work in collaboration with schools and local authorities.

Sue facilitates a number of Ed Support’s Headspace Programmes for head teachers who meet regularly in a safe and confidential space to discuss the challenges and rewards of leadership. She also delivers the Positive Workplace Programme, and its accompanying training, and presents at conferences frequently on the themes of staff engagement, stress resilience, and wellbeing. Sue’s commitment to education has enabled her to recognise the challenges - and joys - of working in this demanding and remarkable profession.