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Planning for the future; options for your retirement, pension, well-being and employment - London

07/12/2018 09:30 - 14:00

This course will provide you with tools to plan your future, to put you in control of the next phase of your life. In order to plan your future you need to understand the options available to you, and these can be more extensive than you think. The course will explore these options which can range from retiring and taking your pension as soon as possible, to changing your current working arrangements for more free time, and many other options in-between.

The training will also address the financial aspects of planning your future; clearly your financial position will impact on what choices you can make, and when you can make them - the way your pension works and how much this is worth, will be a key component of this.

Your general well-being will also influence your future choices. If you remain well, you can make choices about your future from a position of strength.  The course will address this issue and provide practical tips to facilitate your well-being.

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This is a fantastic course. It gave  me the opportunity to consider many aspects of general financial  planning and options for future retirement. When I mentioned to  colleagues that I had booked on it, many were surprised as they thought  it was just aimed at those who wanted to retire soon. I attended with a  colleague and we both felt this is something to be considered 5 to 10  years before your likely retirement. This gives time to organise  finances, consider changing working patterns, or even just to check that  your pension records are up to date. I consider that I am quite  knowledgeable about finances but following the course, I took up the  offer of a free financial consultation. The result of this is that I  have since saved almost £200 per month in outgoings and am treating  myself to a new car!

KF, Head Teacher, Lincolnshire

etc.venues, Bonhill House, 1 - 3 Bonhill Street, London, EC2Y 4BX
  • To provoke thinking about future choices to give you control
  • Provide an overview of the financial foundations for retirement, in particular your pension benefits
  • To provide a holistic view of your well-being in relation to future choices
  • Understand the range of options available to you
  • Understand your pension entitlement and other important financial foundations
  • To have strategies and tactics to ensure your well-being

Please log onto “My Pension Online” on the Teachers’ Pensions’  website, or register for this if you haven’t already done so, before you  attend this course. This is a secure portal that lets you check and  manage your Teachers’ pension online.


Once you have done this  you can access a personalised estimate of your retirement benefits,  based on the service and salary details sent to Teachers’ Pensions by  your employer. Please print this personalised statement and bring it  with you to the course, this will allow you to discuss any questions you  may have, as the facilitators we will need to understand your personal  position in order to provide accurate personalised advice.


You can log in or register for “My Pension Online” here.

Members of the NAHT Specialist Advice team - Kate Atkinson and Liam McIlvenny, and colleagues from the NAHT  Personal Finance Services (Skipton Building Society)
Member - £99
Non-Member - £140
Head, deputy, and assistant head teachers as well as members of the leadership team from all types of education establishments

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