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Why NAHT is proud to be working with Diversity Role Models

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‘'Embedding inclusion and empathy in the next generation. Our vision is a world where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive’. Diversity Role Models website banner sets out its bold ambitions clearly for all to see and makes it easy to understand why NAHT is proud to be working with them as our chosen partner charity this year.

Speaking to the TUC last September I posed the question, “what is school if not a society in miniature?”

What we do in school, how we conduct ourselves, how we construct and project our beliefs, how we relate to one another: this all sets a tone. More than that, it sets an example to the young people we work with about how they should relate to one another when they are on the other side of the school gates. When we let them go – at the end of the day and ultimately at the end of their school career – we hope that we have given them a moral compass that will serve them well for the rest of their days.

A moral compass and a sense of belonging as well. Our school communities are strengthened, made richer, by their diverse elements. Ofsted’s new framework along with Wales’ reformed curriculum and the skills-based curriculum of Northern Ireland, all set out tolerance, respect and self-awareness as prerequisite values. Our learners will grow, develop and mature safely into adulthood against the backdrop of these core values.

NAHT believes tolerance and respect are rights, not choices. But more than this, we believe that inclusion is what successful, safe communities are about, that every learner needs to know what it feels like to be valued and of equal worth regardless of their differences and whatever their personal circumstances might be. And most importantly, we know that these core beliefs underpin and drive all our other achievements as well.

These are critical messages, ones which Diversity Role Models promote through its work and aspirations. As a school leader, I share these aspirations and I’ve witnessed first hand the impact its work has had in breaking down barriers caused by prejudice, ignorance and misinformation.

Adam McCaan CEO, Diversity Role Models says: “It is an honour for Diversity Role Models to be the NAHT 2020-21 charity partner and work alongside the largest union for school leaders in education. NAHT members are best positioned to create inclusive schools where every student and staff member can be their authentic self and reach their full potential. We are looking forward to working with NAHT and their members to trigger a whole school culture shift where difference is embraced and celebrated and homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying and language is no more.”

As a rights-respecting organization, we look forward to fully exploiting the opportunities this partnership affords for the year ahead.

Ruth Davies, NAHT national president

This Friday, Diversity Role Models will be hosting two webinars. One at 10am ‘What is intersectionality?’ and another at 3pm ‘Understanding RSE Guidance for Secondary School’ and you are invited to join!

The webinars are 45 minutes long and will be delivered by Danny Allum. Danny has worked within education for the last eight years; supporting young people outside of mainstream school settings and training staff to do the same. Since moving from Suffolk to London with his husband in 2017, Danny has been an advocate for women’s and LGBT+ rights and volunteering for charities.

Register for the webinars here:

Friday 26 June at - What is Intersectionality?

Friday 26 June at 3-3.45pm - Understanding RSE Guidance for Secondary School

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First published 22 February 2020