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Building up a library of resources relevant to neuroscience

 This series covers both residential and mainstream education and is written by Dr Rona Tutt, a former Chair of NAHT Special Education Needs Committee

For some time, we have been keen to build up a library of resources relevant to neuroscience and special education on the NFNSE webpage. To get us off to a flying start, Professor Francesca Happe has pointed us in the direction of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) website.

This has a wealth of information divided into two sections:

  1. Information on the science of the brain and nervous system
  2. Information about disorders of the brain and nervous system

There is enough material here, in the form of printed information, video clips and further links, to provide hours, if not months and years of CPD.  In the first section, Neuroscience Crash Course, for example, has 53 ten minute clips on everything from 'How your mind can amaze and betray you,' to 'Trauma and Addiction,' to name but two, while the second section has links to information on different disorders from such august bodies as the NHS and the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPSYCH).

The greater our knowledge, the more likely it is that we will understand how to support and educate some of our more complex children and young people.

First published 14 August 2017