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Whiteman: Workload in teaching ‘unsustainable’

Commenting on a new report published today (Wednesday 18 September) by University College London (UCL) analysing 25 years’ of data on teachers’ working hours, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“This report shows conclusively that successive ministers for education have absolutely failed to improve teacher and school leaders’ workload and work-life balance, despite their warm words.

“Looking at the figures, it is no wonder that teacher retention rates have declined every year for a decade, leaving the UK with one of the least experienced workforces in the world. Only two thirds of the teachers who qualified in 2013 are still in service after 5 years. The current levels of workload in teaching are totally unsustainable.

“These figures must serve as a blunt warning for the government. Teachers are graduates who have many career choices open to them. They go into teaching with passion, because they care and want to make a difference, but we have to treat them well and respect their need for a work-life balance if we expect them to stay.”

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