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Whiteman: The government has listened to school leaders with considerable funding to help all pupils

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, which represents leaders in the majority of schools, said: “Following our engagement with the government we are pleased to see that they have listened to the voices of school leaders.

“Overcoming the challenges of Coronavirus requires a combination of government will and professional insight.

“This is a considerable sum of money which will empower schools to provide the support that pupils will need as they return to school.

“We welcome the fact that school leaders will be able to use their expertise to choose how to spend the money. This demonstrates that the Secretary of State understands that school leaders are best placed to decide what their pupils need.

“NAHT has also asked the government to follow the evidence on what works, and they appear to have done this. We have argued that a longer-term response is the right way forward, rather than short-term quick fixes that won’t have a sustained impact for pupils.

“No doubt there will be many details still to be worked through and we will continue to engage with the government to make sure they work with school leaders and their teams, drawing on their commitment and expertise, to produce a long-term, joined up and fully funded package of help.”

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