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Whiteman: Education funding in the Spending Review is a direct result of the tireless and respectful campaigning of school leaders and others

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, outlined his Spending Review plans.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, the union that represents leaders in the majority of schools, said: “Now we’ve heard directly from the Chancellor, it feels like NAHT’s initial cautious welcome is still the right one.

“Importantly, we’ve won the argument that the Treasury needed to come up with new money. That’s a big win and a testament to the campaign efforts of heads, school staff, parents and governors who have all made their voices heard loud and clear. Those people deserve enormous credit for what they have achieved.

“We’ve successfully changed the debate from whether schools and colleges have got enough money to how much money schools need. We’ve successfully challenged the government's education funding record and been successful in getting them to change their plans. Without our pressure, I’m certain that the government would not have gone so far.”

The gaps in the announcement

Mr Whiteman continued: “The announcement of £7.1bn will go some way to restoring the real-terms cuts we’ve seen in education since 2010 but will not chalk it all off. Schools in more affluent areas appear to benefit most, so we’ll have to look at that carefully.

“An additional £66m for Early Years education is welcome, although we know that sector needs more, so that’s an area where we’ll have to keep pushing. The same is true for pupils with SEND and for students in FE and sixth form colleges.

“Raising the Rate to £4188 for 16-19 year-olds is the right thing to do but a good way short of the £4760 that we’ve been calling for.

“The government has made a significant stride in the right direction, and the money that’s been announced is good news, but we’re not there yet and we can see where some of the gaps still remain. Now we need to work with the government to make sure the money goes where it is most needed, and that we’ve got a long-term commitment to education funding, whatever the future holds.”

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