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Whiteman: All parties must put education at the heart of their General Election campaigns

As the Labour Party announces some of its plans for education, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “We are pleased to see that Labour agrees with us that no-one should be shut out of education. For too many young people though, that is exactly what is happening, especially if they have additional needs or if they live in low-income families.

“There are many ways to achieve an education system that works for everyone. First and foremost, schools and colleges must be fully and fairly funded, reversing the real-terms cuts since 2010 and with a guarantee of long-term investment. This is the first of NAHT’s five priorities for education, which we’ve published in order to keep education on the agenda at this election.

“A Brexit-only campaign would be a disaster for schools and young people. All parties must commit to putting education at the heart of their plans for the election and at the top of their list of priorities in government. Whatever challenges or opportunities the future holds as a result of Brexit, we can be certain that investing in the next generation will be the best way to guarantee our future success.

“Widening access to education, for learners of all ages, is absolutely the right thing to do. We need to start with the highest possible quality of Early Education, which would give young learners the best start and eventually remove the need for taking remedial action to support older learners.”

NAHT is asking all parliamentary candidates to sign up to the following five priorities:

1.    A fully and fairly funded education system where the real-terms cuts since 2010 are reversed and there’s guaranteed long term investment

2.    Great teachers and leaders in every class and every school with the support, development and reward to sustain a career in education  

3.    Proportionate, reliable and fair inspection that schools and parents can have confidence in

4.    A broad and balanced curriculum available to all pupils that gives children and young people different ways to show what they can do and properly prepares them for life

5.    Timely and effective support from the services that children and families rely on so that all pupils get the help they need and achieve their potential

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