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This year’s STRB needs to play its part in creating a truly positive proposition for a long career in teaching

·       New £30,000 starting salary for teachers is welcome but will do little to retain expertise in the classroom and repair the fractured leadership pipeline

·2.5% for leaders and experienced teachers is a step in the right direction but will do little to address the 14.8% decrease in real-terms pay over the last decade

·The DfE should allow the STRB to reach an independent conclusion about pay before declaring its intentions

Commenting on today’s announcement about pay by the Department for Education, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “There is a direct link between pay and leadership supply. In our submission to the STRB this year we are trying to kill the lazy notion that pay is a bit player in the broader recruitment and retention game.

“The government’s ambition to raise starting salaries to £30,000, whilst welcome, would be a mistake without also addressing the decade-long real-terms reduction to the salaries of leaders. It also further erodes the difference between teacher pay and leadership pay. The STRB itself recognised the risks of such a policy being 'ineffective in its own terms'.

“2.5% for leaders this year will not redress the real-terms losses they have endured in the past decade.

“It is surprising to see the government declaring its intentions before the STRB has completed its deliberations. Instead, the government should use the STRB cycle to finally address the long-term erosion of leadership pay in order to create a truly positive proposition for a long career in teaching.”

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