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The government should invest in schools, not gamble with children’s futures, warns NAHT

Today (Sunday 16 July) parents, pupils, teachers and school leaders will be taking part in a protest in Parliament Square as part of the Fair Funding for All Schools campaign against real terms cuts to school funding. 'The Carnival Against the Cuts' rally is supported by NAHT, NUT, ATL and Unison - with all organisations united in the campaign to fight the cuts to schools, and protect all our children's education.  

As part of the event, NAHT’s general secretary designate Paul Whiteman will address the crowds on behalf of school leaders. He is expected to say that: “The way things stand, for every child starting school in September this year, by the time they’ve got to Year Four, their school will have £434 less to spend on them in real terms. £434 less per child. For a class of thirty children, that’s £13,000.” 

Mr Whiteman will go on to say: “NAHT has been saying that school budgets have been at Breaking Point for more than two years. NUT and ATL have been saying the same thing. Seven out of ten school leaders are saying that their budgets will be unsustainable by the 2019 academic year.” 

Commenting ahead of the event, Jo Yurky, Co-Founder of Fair Funding for All Schools said: “Parents are deeply unhappy about the government's failure to adequately address the funding crisis facing our schools. Whilst the government is busy saying nothing, damaging cuts are being made to our children's education. This is unacceptable. We will continue to apply pressure to force the government to provide an urgent remedy. We want increased investment in our schools so that our young people have the skills and knowledge they need and so that our future economy can reach its full potential.” 

Attacking the government’s approach to public spending as “reckless”, Mr Whiteman will ask “What happens to our children’s futures without proper funding for schools? It is a gamble that we cannot afford to take.”

Read Paul Whiteman's full speech here

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