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Teaching must be exempt from salary threshold for overseas workers, say school leaders

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “It is now accepted wisdom that there is a recruitment and retention crisis in teaching, across all phases and regions. To their credit, the government have acknowledged this and will be putting forward a recruitment and retention strategy. This should include provision for highly qualified candidates from other countries to continue to make a valuable contribution.

“This would help plug the leaky pipeline that exists in education, with too few graduates choosing teaching as a career and to many experienced professionals leaving prematurely.

recent survey by NAHT showed that, for the fifth consecutive year, school leaders are struggling to recruit across all roles, from teachers to senior leaders. 76% of posts were difficult to fill and 14 per cent failed to recruit at all.

“A salary threshold for skilled overseas workers would impact on teachers, as many teachers do not earn more than the proposed minimum of £30,000, even after five years. NAHT believes that, because of the recruitment crisis within education, all roles should be included on the shortage occupation list.”

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