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School Cuts coalition and local authorities tell Education Secretary more money is desperately needed for SEND pupils

The School Cuts Coalition and 39 Local Authorities have written to the Education Secretary expressing their deep concerns about the dangerously inadequate funding for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEND).  

Currently over 2,000 children and young people with SEND are sitting at home with no education provision at all. This is an unacceptable situation leading to huge stress and anxiety for parents and their children.

Many Local Authorities and schools do not have enough money to meet their statutory obligations for children living with SEND. This is resulting in severely pared back services making life very difficult or in some cases impossible for families and schools needing to access SEND support

We are calling on Government to address this problem with urgency and to work with local authorities, schools and professionals in the field of SEND. It is time this situation was reversed by implementing a fair and fully funded system for SEND that ensures children and their families are given the education and support they need and are entitled to.

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