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School absences due to COVID underline the need for staff vaccinations, says NAHT

New analysis published today (Fri 22 Jan) by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) shows that absences due to confirmed cases of coronavirus were much higher amongst teachers than pupils, and that the rate of confirmed cases amongst teachers is higher than all adults or the general population.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “We have been calling for school staff to be prioritised for vaccinations for some time and we believe this new analysis shows that the government should now confirm that it will take this step.

“This data shows that absences due to COVID are almost certainly higher for school staff than other adults generally and that each staff absence has an impact on dozens of pupils at a time. Vaccinating the workforce therefore has the dual benefit of protecting their health whilst also preserving the education of their pupils. It is difficult to see any reason not to vaccinate staff now."

You can read the new EPI analysis paper, which has been supported by NAHT, here.

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