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Parents have a right to know about the extent of the funding crisis, says NAHT

Commenting on a letter going out to 2.5 million families from school funding campaign group, Worth Less?, calling on parents to keep up pressure on local MPs ahead of the budget, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said:   

“Everyone knows that school budgets are at breaking point this year. The government’s own data shows that nearly ten thousand schools are already in deficit.

“Parents and carers have an essential part to play in the campaign to get more cash for schools. It’s their children who are most affected by a lack of funding. They have a right to be told about the financial pressures and a right to become campaigners themselves if they wish.

“Parental pressure led to the DfE finding an additional £400m for this year, which is welcome but a long way short of the extra £2bn that schools need each year.

“All parents, governors, teachers and school leaders want is for the Chancellor to do the right thing and put more money into the system now.”

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