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Ofsted should reconsider its plans for autumn term visits

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT said: “The visits by Ofsted inspectors will be of no benefit to schools, parents or pupils.

“We have also been clear that these visits will inevitably create an extra pressure on schools at a time when they are already juggling many demands. In our view, they will serve only to increase the sense among school leaders that Ofsted invariably reverts to type and is incapable of a genuinely collaborative approach.  

“Despite some earlier constructive conversations with senior officials at Ofsted,  we feel that the original intention of these visits has now been lost. By insisting on publishing an ‘outcome letter’ Ofsted must understand that these visits will be treated like inspections, adding unnecessary stress and distraction at a time when leaders need to remain entirely focussed on pupils.” 

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