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NAHT's reaction to Angela Rayner’s Labour Party Conference Speech

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, which represents the majority of leaders in schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland said: “Labour has today provided a completely different proposition on education. School leaders and parents will welcome the promise of an education system free at the point of delivery. The reality at the moment is staggeringly different though, with schools up and down the country in the ridiculous position of having to ask for handouts from parents. 

“The most acute problem facing schools is lack of money. The vision has to begin with full and fair funding for all schools, so it is welcome to hear this promise from Labour.

“School budgets need at least £2bn each year, plus enough money to lift the 1% public sector pay cap and make a success of the new national funding formula.

“Pay restraint is preventing school leaders from recruiting teachers, particularly in challenging schools and areas. Workload, stress and a lack of trust in the profession are also having a negative impact. Until this is put right, no government can make promises about standards, opportunities or stability.

“School leaders deserve the right to be allowed to get on with the job of educating the next generation. Labour’s message today is a welcome step in that direction.”

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