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NAHT(NI) addresses the recent debate on school funding in Northern Ireland

NAHT(NI) has considered the recent discussions on school funding and the increased cost of public service pensions – a new and additional cost to schools.  Earlier this year schools received additional funding “to mitigate the increase in public sector pension costs in respect of teacher’s pensions” which was intended to be separate to direct school funding.  Now it is announced that schools are receiving 5 percent more funds per pupil in 19/20 but that in real terms the funding remains the same.

NAHT(NI) President Geri Cameron said “School leaders in Northern Ireland are about to face another school year trying to balance books under impossible circumstances. We have profound concerns about how we are going to be able to manage. 

“Now, because of choices made by the Department, Northern Ireland's schools will fall even further behind the rest of the UK. To add insult to injury the money announced by the Department earlier this year to provide the “full amount” required to cover the new and additional pensions costs does not achieve this. Individual schools still have a shortfall due to the way the money has been distributed.”

Ms Cameron said: “This is just an intolerable situation. We will be sending a delegation of school leaders from Northern Ireland to the rally in Westminster on 27th September to make the case for more funding for schools. Additional money is needed in order to provide for pupils’ needs. Northern Ireland’s schools have had a direct funding reduction of 10.4 percent since 2012/13 and it is absurd that the books say that schools are receiving a 5 percent increase in per pupil funding, when in fact there is no change to the 18-19 levels.”

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