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#NAHTconf: ‘Growth, Community & Voice’, NAHT’s response to TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady's speech

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “NAHT is a proud member of the TUC. Modern Trade Unionism is an essential part of a properly functioning society. Under Frances’s leadership the TUC has never been more relevant. Uncertain times ahead mean that the TUC has never been more necessary.

“As Frances said in her speech, school leaders have the right to work without fear of threat or intimidation, and we welcome her backing for school staff who are teaching about inclusion, equality and diversity.

“NAHT is a union for leaders and for learners, and with the TUC’s support we continue to campaign to improve schools for everyone. Funding is essential to this mission, and only new money from the Treasury will solve the funding crisis.

“It is not sustainable to expect school leaders and their teams to continue to do more with less, for less and for longer. This expectation underestimates the difficulty that schools face when trying to tackle some of the barriers many young people face in education.

“It is important that trade unions are vocal on the territory that is important to them. That is certainly a political act but it is not party-political. We make our case reasonably and with a strong evidence base to policy-makers from all parties. All of us have an obligation to stand up and speak out where we see injustice, inequality and unfairness. With the TUC’s support, NAHT will continue to do just that.

“Today we are particularly pleased to recognise the role of women in the trade union movement, with Frances herself at the helm of the TUC, and with Judy Shaw, Ruth Davies and Judith Stott as NAHT’s president, vice president and treasurer respectively. This is the first time for 22 years that the three most senior elected roles in NAHT have all been held by women.”

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