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NAHT welcomes new funding announcement but urges government not to claim it’s a ‘boost’

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, which represent leaders in the majority of schools, said: “We are pleased to see the government making good on one of its election promises. This is a significant amount of money but against the backdrop of years and years of cuts, at best this just restores funding levels to where they were before austerity kicked in. In other words an unprecedented 13 year funding freeze. During that time the demands on schools have only increased. The money will not be enough to meet the needs of all pupils.

“The government would be wrong to suggest that it is ‘job done’. There’s more to do, and we should start by engaging with the profession about how the money should be spent. Simplistic formulas may look attractive in an election campaign but the profession knows that school funding is a complex matter. There will be winners and losers; we need to make sure that no child falls behind.”

Analysis by the School Cuts coalition says that the government is committing funding through to 2022/23 only. Schools will have £2bn less spending power in 2020/21 than they did in 2015/16. There is no money committed for 2023/24 and beyond, which will likely result in a funding gap of at least £1.1bn in 2023/24 if they intend to only increase spending in line with inflation.

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