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NAHT welcomes an end to floor and coasting standards

Today (Monday 28 Jan), the government publishes its long-awaited recruitment and retention strategy which contains plans to remove the floor and coasting standards from September 2019.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “Today marks a significant point in the ongoing work between NAHT and the DfE to address some of the big concerns of school leaders.

“Floor and coasting standards added unnecessary stress and uncertainty without ever helping the process of school improvement. School leaders will be pleased to see the back of them. NAHT is encouraged that our work has been recognised and that the Secretary of State agrees with the conclusion reached by NAHT’s Accountability Commission that floor and coasting standards should be removed.

“The way in which we balance holding schools to account with helping them to improve is one of the big debates in education right now. NAHT’s work is leading the way and our Improving School Accountability report is making an impact at the highest level.”

The recruitment and retention strategy also includes measures to improve the experience for teachers at the start of their careers.

Mr Whiteman continued: “Teaching is a hugely rewarding career, but the first few years can often be challenging. The Early Career Framework the government has outlined has the potential to transform the reality of teaching in England. Delivered well, it could help new teachers to build their confidence and hone their skills, providing the foundations for a successful career in teaching, and creating the school leaders of the future.

“A lot depends on this strategy. The Leaky Pipeline of recruitment and retention needs to be fixed. As our research has shown, too few people are choosing teaching as a career and too many experienced professionals are leaving prematurely.

“We’ve been clear throughout our dealings with the DfE that anything they produced had to come with some money behind it, so it’s encouraging to see that they are committed to fully funding the offer of extra support for new teachers.”

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