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NAHT response to the High Court decision to maintain the exclusion order around Anderton Park Primary School

NAHT, the school leaders' union, which has been supporting the schools affected by the protests in Birmingham, said: "This is welcome news. Staff and pupils at Anderton Park need peace and calm during the final weeks of term.

“Staff have had to endure threats against their careers and their personal safety. Very young children have had to walk past demonstrators wielding megaphones, which is clearly unacceptable. The protests have not been conducted in a respectful or tolerant manner and they should be brought to an end now.

“This decision sends a clear message that these protests should end, and that protests should not be staged at other schools in Birmingham or anywhere else.

"NAHT is hosting a briefing in Westminster tomorrow for all MPs where we will be calling for the government to give clarity so that no more schools are faced with the kind of demonstrations that we have seen in Birmingham."

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