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NAHT response to Damian Hinds speech at Conservative conference

Commenting on the Secretary of State for Education Damian Hinds’ speech at the Conservative Conference today, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Our members voted at NAHT’s last Annual Conference that careers advice needs to be properly supported and resourced in schools, so we are pleased that Damian Hinds has confirmed a doubling of the investment in training for school career leads and a doubling of the number of career hubs. This as a step in the right direction to prepare pupils for a post-Brexit Britain.

“Any investment in training for school staff, including on behaviour, is always welcome, but it’s important to recognise that the challenges in relation to behaviour are partly due to reduced health and social care services and the cuts that schools have been forced to make to pastoral and support staff. Supporting teachers in developing their skills is helpful but equipping schools with sufficient staff, funding and specialist support services would be better.

“We’re pleased to see additional investment in maths, and especially welcome the opportunity to share and spread good practice in this area. But we’re concerned to see such a focus on resits. Forcing young people to keep retaking maths and English until they achieve a high enough grade can simply reinforce a sense of failure; alternative qualifications may be more appropriate for some students.”

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