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NAHT responds to PAC report on academy finances

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said:

“Academies are an important part of a complex self-improving education system, but the government clearly has lots of work to do to make sure that this complexity is always in the best interests of students and always represents the best use of public money. NAHT has lots of members in academies. We support them all, whether they are improving outcomes for children by converting or concerned that conversion will have no lasting impact.

“The DfE urgently needs to set out its vision and clarify how it sees academies, maintained schools and local authorities working together to create a coherent and effective school system for children across all parts of the country.

“Often the focus goes to a very few high salaries that are not representative of the sector. We need to set our own moral compass on leadership pay. Education has always been a morally and ethically driven profession. This task should not be beyond us, nor should it be taken away from us because of a very tiny number of high earners.

“We welcome the findings in this report because they echo the concerns that we have expressed during discussions with the government over many years. Solutions will only be found by sensible and open collaboration between the government and school leaders.

“We will be welcoming Damian Hinds to our Annual Conference in Liverpool at the beginning of May, where all of the main challenges facing school leaders today will be tackled together.”

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