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NAHT responds to NGA recommendations for head teacher appraisals

The National Governance Association (NGA) today releases new research exploring the head teacher appraisal process, and issues eight recommendations for governing boards to strengthen future practice.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, responds:

“School leaders will welcome this work to strengthen best practice. We are especially pleased to see recognition of the importance of training for governors.

“Governing boards are made up of volunteers and the importance of the work they do on behalf of the education system cannot be overstated. The job of a head teacher has enormous responsibilities and very high accountability; they need to be able to rely on governors for accurate and helpful appraisals, and career support.

“It is critical therefore that governors are trained and prepared for their important role, and to understand their responsibilities. Such training should be mandatory and funded by the government. New governors need immediate training, before they take part in any school leader appraisals.

"The time, effort and engagement of governors is essential for maintaining and improving school standards. It is vital they are fully trained, especially when appraising head teachers. It’s too important a job not to be.”

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