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NAHT responds to Home Affairs Committee report into serious youth violence

Responding to a report published today (Wednesday 31 July 2019) by the Home Affairs Committee on serious youth violence, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, which represents the majority of schools in England, said:

“This report talks about a ‘perfect storm’ of cuts to services, and that’s exactly what school leaders are seeing. Not only are school budgets at breaking point, there have also been devastating cuts to police, social services, youth services, and health. The interventions necessary to support vulnerable young people are simply disappearing.

“It is important that exclusions are considered within this wider context. Exclusion should always be a last resort, but a school’s first duty is the safety of all its students and staff. School leaders must retain the autonomy to exclude a violent pupil in order to keep everyone else safe.

“We need every part of society to be operating at full efficiency to keep young people safe and successful, and we agree that major investment is needed to ensure that this is the case.”

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