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NAHT respond to Angela Rayner's comments at our annual conference

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders' union said: "We have been very pleased to welcome both Angela Rayner and Damian Hinds to our annual conference this year. It is important to hear what they have to say, and also important for them to listen to us.

"Both have acknowledged that politicians should avoid telling the profession what to do and that policy should be evidenced-based. We welcome this approach and are keen to share our expertise, research, and the views of our members with all parties.

"It's vital that money is spent in the right places. We welcomed Damian Hinds' acknowledgement that schools are under more pressure than ever before, but we also agree with Angela Rayner that that money is best spent in the early years rather than playing catch-up later on. Too much money is wasted trying to make up for the detrimental impact of badly implemented policy.

"We'll be engaging with Labour's consultation on their National Education Service and their other policies which affect young people. As I said in my conference speech, education is the best route to a happy and fulfilling future for our young people, and the only silver bullet to solving the problems in our society.

"We need to create that system, working back from the objective rather than just sharing out a pot of cash that’s always going to be too small. To create that system we should be working together, and that is what NAHT will continue to do."

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