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NAHT gives evidence to School Teachers Review Body

Today (Thu 14 March), Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, gives evidence to the School Teachers Review Body (STRB).

STRB is responsible for making recommendations to the government about pay awards in schools for the coming year.

In previous years, the STRB has been constrained by instructions from the government that pay awards should put affordability above fairness. Mr Whiteman will use his evidence session to warn that further constraints this year will do serious damage to efforts to recruit and retain school staff in sufficient numbers to meet the needs of pupils.

Mr Whiteman, who represents school leaders in the majority of schools, will say:

“Affordability should not be part of the STRB’s remit. It is an independent body and should not have its deliberations influenced by government before it has even begun. The Review Body is charged with arriving at an evidence-based view in order to make recommendations on the salary and allowance ranges for teachers and school leaders, so that pay is competitive in the context of the wider labour market in England.

“Following years of caps damaging to public sector pay, it is reckless for the government to impose another one, this time of 2%. It should be remembered that the government’s decision to make a differentiated pay settlement last year, delivered a pay cut in real terms for all but a third of teachers, including the most experienced staff and leaders.

“NAHT welcomes the government’s new recruitment and retention strategy, which was published last month but further depressions to pay will choke the strategy and limit its effectiveness.

“From our perspective, a fully funded 5% increase for all teachers and leaders is vital if we are to begin to plug the leaky pipeline of teacher recruitment and retention in England.”

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