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NAHT Cymru comments on the awarding of exam grades this year

Laura Doel, director of school leaders’ union NAHT Cymru, said: “There really is no perfect option for awarding exam grades this year; we are still very much in the thick of a global emergency and the impacts of this cannot be fully mitigated against. With that in mind, a teacher-led approach to assessment is the best possible way forward, for this year at least.

“It is true that an externally set test could have provided a level of continuity throughout Wales. But, as we pointed out when the Minister for Education announced it, it would have had the same problems as formal exams would have, not taking into account the huge differences in learning this year due to missed education, or the possibility of being absent for the final test. We really have no alternative given the uncertainty still facing schools this coming term.

"It is so important that students, parents and teachers know what will influence their final grades in order to prepare effectively and to maintain high levels of motivation and engagement in learning, so we are pleased to now have clarity.

“Our members are clear that they want to maximise learning time and ensure the learning experience given to all students will help them prepare for their next steps. Our priority now needs to be supporting learners to achieve the best possible outcomes to secure their futures.

“We are concerned about the proposed processes for appeals. The suggestion that initial appeals are made directly to the school or college is misguided in principle, and logistically unworkable.”

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