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NAHT Cymru comments on announcement of more pupils returning to school in Wales before Easter

Following the announcement today that more learners in years 7, 8 and 9 could be welcomed back to school before Easter, NAHT Cymru Director Laura Doel said: “We want nothing more than a safe and sustainable wider return to school and we all share the ambition of bringing in learners as soon as we can. We understand the desire to allow learners to meet up with their teachers and in some schools this is already happening.

“But we are surprised by the proposed acceleration before the hard data exists to support it. We have not had a full return of foundation phase across Wales yet and what we don’t want is to see a is schools having to close again because we have brought in too many learners too quickly. The public will not forgive a third lock down.

“The profession stands ready to play its part but the government needs to provide a compelling narrative to reassure parents, carers and communities that their decisions are truly guided by the emerging science.”

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