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NAHT Cymru comment on Estyn Annual Report

Today, Estyn, the schools’ inspectorate for Wales publishes its annual report. 

The full report can be viewed here:  

Rob Williams, Director of Policy for NAHT Cymru said: “Estyn’s annual report is always anxiously awaited by school leaders in Wales. We have concerns that the way in which schools in Wales are inspected properly reflects the new curriculum that they are currently implementing. The concern for school leaders and staff is that at present, the two things could become out of step. 

“At the end of last week, we wrote to the Cabinet Secretary Kirsty Williams to suggest a moratorium on Estyn inspections during the period that schools are implementing the new curriculum in Wales. We still believe that this would be a sensible step to take. 

"As we said in our letter, we have been very supportive of the curriculum reforms that were proposed by Professor Donaldson and the efforts of the profession are now focused on implementing the far-reaching reforms that have been put in place. We need to be bold and we need to able to think differently. Schools may struggle to implement the changes fully if they are awaiting a visit from Estyn. We suggest a moratorium on inspection for a set period.  

"Estyn has a critical role to play in making sure that Wales' education system enables school-to-school working, becomes better at driving its own self-improvement and continues to make good progress year on year. They need time to adjust too, just as schools are doing now. Reforms are much more likely to be successful if we pause inspection for a short period. During this time, schools can embed the new curriculum and assessment arrangements and the inspectorate can adapt its approach so that each part of the school system is fit for the future."

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