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NAHT Cymru calls for urgent clarity from Welsh government over September school return plans

School leaders’ union NAHT Cymru has written to Welsh government expressing ‘frustration’ that the details of their plans for children returning to school in September have not yet been published.

The letter calls for clarity over social distancing guidelines for September and the government’s longer-term plans for children’s academic recovery. It says that detailed guidance around what the government expects of schools in September is needed by Monday 6 July at the latest or there will not be time for schools to properly prepare for and implement any necessary changes.

The letter reads:

“For many schools there are just two weeks left of the current summer term and there is still no clarity from Welsh Government on what September will look like. It is unacceptable that schools, parents and pupils do not know at this late stage what to plan for in the Autumn term.

“NAHT continues to engage in conversations with education officials on the planning process, however without immediate publication of your expectations of schools and your detailed advice in support of those expectations, it will be impossible for leaders to plan and implement effectively.

“NAHT’s Wales Executive Committee assesses that if Welsh Government fails to publish its plans and guidance by Monday 6 July, there is a serious risk of schools not being ready to open in September because there will not be the time to put government plans into practice.

“A lack of clarity now, at this most sensitive moment, risks putting children in Wales at a serious and unnecessary disadvantage when they return in September.”

The full letter can be read here:

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