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NAHT comments on widening access to education during lockdown

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of NAHT, the union which represents leaders in the majority of schools in England, said: “We said to government that until their guidance on safety in schools changes that there would be significant practical barriers to bringing all primary pupils back in the summer term. We are therefore pleased that the government have clarified that this is no-longer their ambition.

“No-one is more committed to achieving a full return to education for all pupils than school leaders. Surveys show the extraordinary lengths schools have gone to support pupils with home learning during lockdown. School leaders are already working through the practical considerations of engaging all pupils and families as best they can, as the academic year draws to a close. This will require flexibility in order to balance the needs of all pupils with the continued constraints placed upon schools.

“With the end of term just six weeks away, government now needs to provide urgent clarity on the anticipated constraints that schools may face in September, so that schools and parents can start to look ahead and plan with greater understanding of the possible disruption that may yet still follow.”

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